Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is shipping?

We guarantee delivery within two business days following the 'ship date' you select at checkout. We ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday via UPS 2nd-Day Air and Ground, according to where you live. UPS makes deliveries for us Mon - Fri. Any orders received after Wednesday will ship the following Monday unless you specify a different 'ship date' at checkout. To view a map with shipping charges click here. (Click on the map at the bottom to see rates)

What is the best day to ship a gift?
Monday and Tuesday are the very best days to ship because these days allow for the occasional uncontrollable delay in transit time with UPS due to inclement weather conditions.

How soon will my order be shipped during the holidays?
Your order will ship in most cases the day you specify. Orders placed for holiday delivery will ship on Monday, two weeks prior to the holiday unless you specify otherwise. This schedule assures prompt delivery and also informs the recipient of your gift so they can make holiday meal plans.

How do you ship your products?
Our products are individually vacuum packed and quick frozen. All meats are shipped in a reusable insulated cooler, packed with a freezer pack or dry ice. The insulated cooler is then put into a holiday gift box for further insulation and protection.

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What is the shelf-life of the products in a refrigerator? Or Freezer?
The shelf life of a vacuum packaged product stored in refrigeration (30-40 degrees F) can last up to 60 days. If the vacuum packaged product is stored in the freezer (-30 degrees F) then the shelf life can be up to 365 days. Packaged products not vacuum packaged have a shelf life of 14-21 days in a refrigerated unit.

Do your products contain MSG?
Only our sausage contains MSG.

Are all of your meat products cured and fully cooked?
All our products are cured and smoked except our steaks and tamales. Our peppered bacon and steaks are not cooked. Therefore, the consumer should cook the bacon and steaks.

At what temperature should your products be reheated?
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