Gourmet Tamales

Heating & Serving

Your hand-rolled gourmet Texan Tamales are vacuum packaged and ready to heat and serve. We suggest a few options for making sure your tamales are heated properly.

MICROWAVE: Pierce vacuum packaging a few times with a knife, heat six pack package 5 minutes on high if frozen, 2.5 minutes if refrigerated.

BOIL IN BAG: Place un-opened tamale package(s) in boiling pot, let boil for 7 minutes. Caution: Bag and contents will be hot, allow time to cool before handing. If bag is open prior to heating, only cook by microwave or steam.

Grill Top: Our favorite heating method is removing the tamales from the vacuum packaging and placing them directly on a hot charcoal or gas grill. Cook, turning frequently until husks are charred on the edges and overall dark browned. Heating your tamales in this traditional Mexican style will impart a smoky flavor and give the masa a nice firm texture.

Gourmet Tamales

Ranch Oak brings you the best gourmet tamales, made the traditional way of corn masa, filled with mildly seasoned meat or vegetable fillings, wrapped in corn husks and steamed to perfection as they have been for centuries. Packaged six to a sealed pouch, they go from freezer to table in just minutes by any one of several warming methods, including microwave, all instructions included, to please anyone as a meal, an appetizer or a snack. Choose from the following flavors or try all three in the combo pack. Be sure to order plenty of these heart of Tex-Mex favorites!

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