Pecan Crusted Smoked Beef Tenderloin

Heating & Serving

Our smoked tenderloins are cooked to a perfect medium rare and may be served at room temperature. Therefore don't be alarmed by the pink juices in the packaging. If you want to serve it medium rare and warm, wrap it, including the juices, in foil or place it in a covered pan or on an ovenproof serving platter with foil over the top, tucked in around the platter edges. Do not plan to serve it blazing hot but rather simply warm it first in a 300 degree oven for only 12-15 minutes. If you wish to serve it cooked to medium, it is best to use a meat thermometer to register 155 degrees or raise the warming time in the 300 degree oven to 20 minutes. While many of our customers enjoy our beef tenderloin medium rare, be aware that 155 degrees, is the internal temperature that is considered safe for beef by the USDA and CDC. Do not slice until you are ready to serve. The horseradish sauce with your tenderloin is the classic accompaniment but a warm sauce may be served instead. Many great free recipes are available online.

Pecan Crusted Smoked Beef Tenderloin

Pecan-crusted and delicately flavored with our special blend of spices and peppers, Ranch Oak Beef Tenderloin is unsurpassed as an elegant and delicious main course to serve at your next gathering or as an original and appreciated gift for any occasion. Discerning diners never fail to comment on the delicious flavor of our tenderloins cooked to medium rare and paired with a wonderful horseradish sauce. Detailed serving instructions are included to insure that it is served at medium or with tips on how to achieve medium or well done if desired warmed. Comes with 12 oz. Horseradish Sauce, the classic accompaniment. One tenderloin comes in two individual packages.

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