Peppered Boneless Ham

Heating & Serving

These hams are trimmed to be nearly fat-free and perfectly flavored with cloves, and other fine spices, then fully cured and perfectly smoked to bring a tender, delicious easy-to-serve ham to your table every time! Slice and fry for breakfast, serve it cold for sandwiches, appetizers or snacks, dice it for salads, casseroles or pasta sauces, or heat it up by the slice for dinner. To heat the whole thing for a delicious buffet or dinner party, follow these easy instructions. Remove from the packaging, and place in a baking pan with a lid or foil to cover. Pour any juices from the bag in with the ham and add 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of water to create moist heat. Cover and place in a 300 degree oven for one hour, fifteen minutes. If you wish, garnish the top with pineapple or other fruits, jelly glazes or brown sugar mixtures but it is not necessary. Slice at serving time and enjoy!

Peppered Boneless Ham

One bite and you will know why the Ranch Oak Peppered Ham is one of our most popular products. Maple syrup in the cure, cloves, ground peppercorns and other fine spices make a boneless ham with a distinctive difference for giftgiving or your own table. Slow smoking over hickory embers turns these hams into masterpieces of mouth watering flavor. Fully cooked and virtually waste-free, our boneless peppered smoked hams are easily sliced and served, great for the centerpiece of a fancy meal or sliced for sandwiches. Either way, you will love the flavor and ease of serving.

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