Smoked Sausage Ring

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Whether you heat it on the grill, brown it in a skillet, cut it up to add to gumbo or boil it in water, you can't go wrong with Ranch Oak fully cooked sausage, cured and smoked with just the right old world recipe spices to compliment lean cuts of beef and pork.

Smoked Sausage Ring

Our Country Smoked Sausage is made from lean cuts of pork and beef, ground and mixed with old world spices for delicious old-fashioned flavor. Great for the frying pan, barbecue grill, or added to your favorite recipe, Ranch Oak sausage adds flavor to any meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ranch Oak has been making quality sausage for over 70 years. You’ll be proud to put our sausage on your table or add it to a gift box for someone important so others can join in our tradition of tasty good eating.

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