Whole Turkey

Heating & Serving

Remove wrapper (and netting if applicable) before warming or serving. To serve as a main course, wrap tightly in foil, place in a pan and warm in a 300 degree oven for two hours. Do not overheat! Slice and serve.

Whole Turkey

A Ranch Oak smoked turkey is at home in any setting, ready to be the star attraction of any gathering. Since 1941, we have been slowly smoking hand picked birds over hickory, creating not only the best tasting turkey you’ve ever eaten, but also the juiciest. Year after year, new generations discover the wonderful tradition of Ranch Oak’s classic holiday feast. So, serve it hot as the star attraction of any gathering. Not just for the holidays, it’s at home on any table with your favorite sides and salads. Fully smoked to tender perfection, and ready to serve hot or cold, smoked turkeys are available in several sizes, one sure to fit your needs.

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101 8 lb. (Serves 10) $44.00
102 10 lb. (Serves 13) $49.00

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