Product Information

All Ranch Oak Farm meat products are produced in USDA-inspected plants in Texas, using recipes and techniques developed and handed down by founder Paul Brandt. We begin with only the best cuts of meat and freshest ingredients, applying proprietary spices mixes using exacting techniques. We use only hickory wood for smoking, control how hot the fire burns and how much smoke reaches each product in the state-of-the-art smokehouses to ensure that you will be proud every time you give or serve mouthwatering, tender, moist and delicately delicious Ranch Oak Farm meats.

Our smokehouses maintain steady temperatures using sensors to increase and decrease air flow in order to thermostatically control the heat while carefully preserving moisture. Each product we make has a unique smoking process and is identically cooked each and every time to ensure consistency of the product. With over 70 years experience in the world's most competitive barbecue market, you can be sure we never leave cooking time, temperature or method to chance so you are assured a rave review every time. We’re as passionate about our products and service as we are about preserving their legendary Texas flavor.

All our smoked meats use a traditional curing process developed and perfected over the years to produce the delicate, not-too-salty flavor that helps make them so desirable.Based on the traditions of the earliest American settlers, this natural process allowed families to extend the storage life of their meats in the days before refrigeration. A side benefit of this process is a unique flavor transformation so desirable that the "smokehouse" endured long after refrigeration and freezing had made it otherwise obsolete.

A well-chosen gift can satisfy an appetite and also make a great impression too. Gift-givers often overlook meat as a possible idea for a present but our quality smoked meats make wonderful gifts for friends, neighbors or family members and they are a novel way to say thank you or celebrate a holiday. Many people enjoy specialty foods, sausages and smoked meats for special occasions; they would certainly enjoy a package of professionally cut and cured smoked meat from Ranch Oak Smokehouse.