Ranch Oak Farm had its humble beginnings over seven decades ago. Our business is small enough to permit continual attention to details yet large enough to afford expert buyers for searching out the finest meats to start with. Time tested methods of curing and smoking along with strict quality control standards assure top quality products arrive at your door.
Ranch Oak foods have become extremely popular as gifts. Gift-givers now realize they don't have to worry about sizes or colors, shopping time or shipping hassles, or just plain buying something that will never be used. Nowadays they order gifts for the entire year from the comfort of their homes; birthdays, anniversaries, Yule time, or anytime. We ship the products of your choice to arrive when you specify on your order. Very easy. Very simple.
Every day brings us letters from delighted customers...letters like these, for instance, from folks who generously have permitted us to share their comments with you.
"...were the recipients of a delicious smoked turkey, but couldn't wait 'til Christmas to eat it! Fabulous...!"  
F.S., Las Vegas, Nevada
"...received a slab of your very tasty bacon as a Christmas gift. Now we wish we had more!"  
Mrs. R.P. Amend, Clifton, Texas
"...received a gift of turkey from your company and so enjoyed it we plan to order for ourselves now..."  
Joan Martin, Mercer Island, Washington
"...the guests were amazed whenever they tasted your smoked honey glazed ham. EXCELLENT!"  
Phillip Ojena, San Diego, California
"...served your great brisket and ham New Year's Eve--my friends and I agreed it was the best..."  
K.Kessler, Fort Worth, Texas
"...received your Holiday gift plan all year...what delicious times we've had! Can't wait until Thanksgiving."  
Wm Holler, Kansas City, Missouri
"...Brother-in-law sent is some chickens from your company--best thing he ever did--Delicious!"  
D.Kroenfeld, Hendersonville, North Carolina
"...thanks for sending all my out of town Christmas presents so efficiently...everybody loved your meats!"  
R.F.,Athens, Georgia
"...my family and I thoroughly enjoyed your smoked ham...now, we are ready to order another!"  
A.McGowan, Brooklyn, New York